Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Echoes of Autumn

OMG . . .

. . . Im so excited!!

My thread pack and fabric have arrived at last for Echo's Of Autumn. This is my christmas present from my parents, but didnt order until last month.

This is a real big deal for me as Echo's is the first large Heaven and Earth Design chart which attracted my attention, was the first HAED chart I bought, and is the chart which started the HAED obsession and i love her still!!

I get my thread pack's for my HAED from the wonderful Donna Lamb from Cross Stitch Heaven (link at page bottom) and once again she has supassed herself :D

And I have some Piecemaker needles now - christmas again for me!!

Loves you all xxx

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bad Jo!!

Today I've been very naughty . . .

My favorite website for charts (Heaven and Earth Designs) have had a 35% off sale on. But today the owner decided to include the mini's in with the sale . . .

And I had to buy Mini Autumn Cat Magic and Mini Phantom of the Masquerade by Melissa Dawn, to go with Mini Pumpkin Cat Magic, which i already have.

My plan has always been to stitch her cute kittens as mini's so how could i possibly ignore the 35% off. It helped that I actually get paid tomorrow and still have some petrol money saved from this month . . .

. . . still naughty of me though ;)

Loves you all!!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hello and welcome

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog!! Ive created this (eventually!!) so that I can share with you my cross stitching projects, and their complete stories, from all the prep work, to the stitching to the, hopefully, completed stitching!!

I've been a stitcher since the age of 14. The only reason I ever started was because I took Textiles as my D&T choice for my GCSE's, and I needed to add on some detailing to a bag I had made.
The teacher (Miss Garner) suggested maybe using a bit of cross stitching, showed me how to do it and that was it - love at first stitch!!

And I've honestly been stitching ever since!

Now Im 27 and the project's I stitch have come a long long way from that first little stitch. I have a stash which is completly out of control (and I dont care!) and with so many wonderful design's to choose from Im sure that it will only continue to grow!

Anyway I hope you enjoy what you see and read!!

Love's to you all xx