Sunday, 10 June 2012

Mini The Black


So seems im not great at updating my blog - ops sorry for that.

It's been a really stressful couple of months for me - I changed jobs, had my car have a major breakdown (which I need for the new job!!) so needed to get that repaired, but im also having troubles outside of work - but I won't go into those one's here.

I will try and come update more often!!

So anyway's most of my stitching has been abandoned because Mini The Black has an amazing pull on me. Now I know I said that I was aiming for Mum's birthday but I think we all knew - never gonna happen ;) So now he's a christmas gift lol

Im absolutly loving stitching him even if im stitching him in such a strange way,

You see, as his name suggest's, this stitch contains a large amount of black. So I got it into my head to stitch ALL off the black stitching first (told you it was strange).

The effect is quite stunning really . . .

So Im actually very proud of the way he's looking at the moment - he's seemed to pull together more over the past 48 hours (I have been on holiday from work this past week which has allowed extended stitching time) and you can actually tell it's a horse now!!

Anyway 1 last photo to show you the progress as a whole - this was taken before the one above - hense the big difference!!

Anyway I promise I'll be better at updating here too

Loves you all!!!

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