Sunday, 4 November 2012

"Magic" and some News!

Hello everybody

Yes I've not posted for a while. Honest truth is that after I finished QS Dragonflies I lost all desire to stitch anything at all :(

To try and make my stitching bug jealous I started up a bit of latch hook work - and it worked.
My stitching bug has returned in full and he's ready to get me stitching!!

This is how far I got with my latch hook

I've only got the green to finish and probably won't take me more then a couple of hours to finish off.

I'm not going to abandon this new craft - I really like latch hooking and I intend to continue. In fact I've organised a Big Cat Hook Along lol

But as I say my stitching bug is back in full force! It hasn't returned for Mini The Black, but for my paralympic start Mini Pumpkin Cat Magic (Otherwise known as Magic) by Melissa Dawn.

This is how he will look when he's finished.

This is where I am on him at the moment and I'm really enjoying him :)

But I have other new's. I enquired about becoming a model stitcher for GeckoRouge after seeing a friends impressive model stitch. Great news is that I've been accepted!!! And I honestly can't wait!

After talking it over with the companies owner I've selected this to be my model piece.

It kept calling to me and drawing me to it. When that's the case - that's the one to stitch!
Its being posted out this week so I'll be stalking the postman for its arrival!!

You can see the lovely creations on Gecko Rouge right here :

Anyway that's all for now - I will be back with you soon with more updates

For now - loves ya!!


  1. Welcome back to the blogisphere Jo!

  2. Nice horses. Does that mean you can keep them after you finish, and they have done the pictures? Good luck on the progress.