Saturday, 18 August 2012

QS Dragonflies Complete


I completed QS Dragonflies!!

I certainly didnt make things easy on myself. They are stitched on 28ct Brittany evenweave, using DMC colour variation threads. The hand dye is called "Dark Goddess" and came from Sparklies.
And I absolutly loved it once I got over the the difficulties of the stitching not quite working!!
In the end I found that stitching 2 over 1 in tent stitch seems to suit both the threads and the fabric so thats what I stuck to and I LOVED the results in the end!!

All I need to do now is to frame them. Ive got the frame sorted, which I love, but I dont like the mount. So once Ive got a new mount I'll frame them properly but this how they look in the frame I've choosen.

Getting a new mount next weekend so Ill post how they turn out then :)

Now im back to working on Mini The Black, so Ill post a progress on him soon

See ya

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  1. Was that frame from wilkinsons? Looks exactly like the one I bought for my friends wedding sampler!