Monday, 14 January 2013

Happy 2013

Hi everybody, welcome to my first post of 2013!!!

Well my Christmas was lovely, and new year was, well it was new year - nothing particularly special for me. I watched the firework's from London (which I admit were amazing!) and had a glass of wine to see in the new year but that was about it.

But with the new year I've made myself some realistic stitching goals for the year which I am determined I'm going to complete.

So here's my list

1: Majestic Mustang's - Gecko Rouge Model Stitch
2: QS Mystic Garden - HAED Bulletin Board SAL
3: Mini The Black - HAED
4: Golden Boy - Shinysun's SAL piece
5: At least starting the kit from Heritage Craft's - Severn Lifeboat - a kit my brother bought for me to do for him.

All of this is actually realistic to a degree . . . we will see how it pan's out 

Much love's to you all for the next year!! 

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