Monday, 14 January 2013

Majestic Mustang's and 2013 HAED BB SAL

Hey again

So I have been stitching since my last actual stitching post - alot actually and the good news is that my shoulder is improving all the time. I'm sure it's due to being exercised with the stitching.

Majestic Mustang's

Throughout all of December my focus piece has been my GeckoRouge model stitch. I'm still loving stitching these guy's, but moved onto the background a little bit for a different pace.

As of 28.12.2012

The background came together quickly and this is how they are are currently looking 

As of 02.01.2013

Now that January has finally arrived the long awaited for first page of the  HAED Bulletin Board SAL has arrived so I have switch over to that piece for a while


So January 4th bought with it the first page of the SAL and yikes I knew it would be confetti heaven - I just had no idea about how much of a confetti heaven it would be! LOL
But that's the way it works - they wouldn't want to make it too easy for us ;)

Progress day 1 04.01.2013

Adding in some greenery 05.01.2013

Bit of yellow 09.01.2013

How it look's to date 12.01.2013

I've already goofed and had to re stitch a couple of time's on this piece (ops) but that my own fault for not counting properly lol

So I will be concentrating my time between these 2 pieces at the moment. I have time frame's in mind for how to work them so that I can complete them to deadline. Thats the plan anyway!

Much love!!